Lawyer Jeremy Goldstein Stands Up to Make a Difference in His Field, His Business and in His Community

Jeremy Goldstein is one of the leading employment lawyers in New York and an active member of the community. He has a solid track record of providing his clients with exceptional service while meeting all of their employment law needs. In addition, he has committed his time and resources to causes that are personally meaningful to him.

Jeremy Goldstein’s Early Life

Before Jeremy Goldstein opened his law firm and gained a solid name for himself in the employment law niche, he focused heavily on his education. He initially attended the University of Chicago and earned an undergraduate degree focused on legal studies. He later enrolled at Cornell University and earned a second undergraduate-level. At Cornell, he graduated with honors.

Goldstein’s education continued at the New York University School of Law. While he refined his knowledge through a rigorous range of studies, he also gained hands-on experience with his first position at a law firm. While working for this firm, Goldstein gained experience with his duties on cases for Merck, Miller Brewing Company, Verizon Wireless and other notable companies.

Focused on Employment Law

Through his initial position at a law firm, Jeremy Goldstein as an attorney sharpened his focus tightly on employment law. He saw how complicated contracts and other issues could be and how significant their impacts are to businesses. In addition, Goldstein believed that he could make a true difference for his clients by concentrating his attention in this area of the law. Soon after he obtained his law license, he founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates.

In an effort to further refine his niche, Goldstein focused his attention complex matters of executive compensation, contracts and corporate governance. By doing so, he placed himself in a position to work directly with upper-level management and corporate executives. After launching his law firm, Goldstein also became active in his field in another way. He served as a subcommittee chairman for the Business Section of the American Bar Association. Goldstein has continued to serve his field in various capacities over the years. He is currently on the Professional Advisory Board for the New York University Journal of Law and Business.

In addition to having a solid knack for providing his clients with excellent legal representation, Goldstein is a passionate and influential speaker who has had several notable engagements speaking on employment law topics. Because of his interest in supporting those who suffer from mental illness, Jeremy Goldstein also serves on the Fountain House’s Board of Directors. Fountain House is a charitable organization that provides recovery services for adults with various types of mental illness.

Goldstein’s Focus on Corporate Governance

Through corporate governance, corporations establish and abide by various processes, rules and regulations. Jeremy Goldstein lawyer utilizes his expansive knowledge of corporate governance and employment law to ensure that his clients’ business practices are effective and fair. This important system touches every aspect of a business’s operations as well as its power structure, its methods for making policies and more.

Each upper-level position in a corporation or business plays an important role in shaping and supporting the company. Corporate governance is expanded to include the establishment and enforcement of processes related to job position objectives. Profit-driven companies always strive to maximize its investors’ ROI. This goal lays the foundation for corporate governance as well as for setting metrics for the company’s health and stability. Investors are often concerned about the company’s image, its impact on the community and its overall ethical philosophies. These also drive corporate governance.

Understanding the Board of Directors

The board of directors is typically considered to be at the highest echelon of power. Board members come together to form decisions on important aspects of operations. This includes financial optimization, social issues, compensation, investor dividends and more. The board’s structure should be as efficient and as organized as possible. The balance of powers should be clear, and there should be visible impartiality via external board members. Diversity plays an essential role in corporate governance. It enables the board to take into account perspectives from different individuals with varying backgrounds, professional experiences and more.

The Matter of Ineffective Corporate Governance

Through Jeremy Goldstein’s extensive professional experience working with many corporations, he has seen the devastating ramifications of poor corporate governance. Through his expertise, he is able to effectively advise his clients to achieve positive and essential results.

There are numerous signs of poor corporate governance. These range from the mismanagement of corporate funds to faulty external audits, poor business ethics, a lack of transparency, a lack of integrity, a neglect of controls internally and more. Because corporate governance is so critical to the success of the organization, some companies that struggle with related issues ultimately shut their doors permanently. Unfortunately, the media often picks up stories related to the effects of poor corporate governance. This negative press can magnify the company’s problems through reduced cash flow and profits, a devaluation of company stock and more. One of many examples is when the media picked up on the fact that Volkswagen AG published erroneous emissions data on many of its engines. Stock price and sales plummeted as a result.

In many cases, a company with poor corporate governance practices will ultimately deal with a declining public image and diminishing financial health at the same time. A company must maintain its integrity and transparency in order to thrive, and these are established and ruled by the governance policies.

Effective corporate governance extends to the compensation of upper-level executives and managers. Leadership streams from the top down, so executives and top managers must receive adequate compensation in order to remain motivated to do their important jobs properly.

After Public Confidence Is Lost

The unfortunate reality is that many companies will deal with these issues to varying degrees. As a result, they will face the situation of eroded public confidence. The Sarbanes-Oxley Act specifically establishes rules and standards for financial record-keeping, and it establishes criminal penalties for those who fail to abide by the law. Because of publicized issues at Worldcom, Enron and other major corporations, the public has a very low tolerance for any related scandals. The legal team at Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates has the expertise in corporate governance that brings true value to the firm’s many reputable clients.

Employer Protection Contracts and Non-Compete Agreements

Jeremy Goldstein is a solid and effective advocate for his clients, and one of the most effective tools available to protect employers’ rights today are non-compete agreements. In addition to drafting effective and enforceable contracts for his clients, Goldstein assists with the active enforcement of the covenants and restrictions covered in the agreements. Because of the critical need for employers to protect their rights across all levels of the internal hierarchy, these contracts are increasingly important. Any companies that are not currently using these agreements from the first day of a new employee’s employment should learn about these contracts. They can decrease exposure to risk and loss while protecting employers’ rights in many relevant areas.

The Need for an Employment Law Firm’s Services

It is not enough to have a new employee sign a non-compete agreement. The agreement must be equitably drafted in order to be enforceable. If it is too restrictive, parts or all of the document may be struck down in court. The services and expertise of an employment law specialist are essential in order to maximize the benefits of a non-compete agreement. In the event that a conflict arises and the restrictions and covenants must be enforced, the services of an experienced employment lawyer can be invaluable.

Understanding Non-Compete Agreements

A non-compete agreement can be a complicated document, and many aspects of the agreement will fall under scrutiny if a matter is taken to court. The judge will review the terms, restrictions and limitations in the contract to ensure that they comply with relevant laws. Their restrictiveness is also reviewed in relation to timing. Generally, most agreements cannot be enforced after 10 years have passed. In many cases, courts will not uphold the restrictions in a contract that extend beyond 36 to 48 months. There are many gray areas to consider, and numerous factors will come into play if a matter is taken to court. This is why the expertise of a lawyer is essential.

Other factors that are reviewed by the court are compensation and geography. If a new employee signs the contract as a condition of employment, the matter of compensation has been satisfied. However, if an employer needs an existing employee to sign a non-compete agreement, some reasonable amount of fair compensation must be given to the employee. In addition, the geographic boundary for the non-compete agreement must be reasonable.

Keep in mind that the regulations surrounding non-compete agreements are directly established and governed by the state as well. Each state has unique laws that will affect the enforceability of a specific contract. These and various other factors all must be properly addressed when the agreement is being drafted. With so many regulations and nuances to consider, a professional lawyer with deep understanding of this aspect of the law is an essential resource to corporations. Jeremy Goldstein has been specializing in this area of the law throughout his professional career.

Confidence Through a Legal Consultation

Corporate governance, non-compete agreements and other aspects of employment law are crucial to your business on deep levels. In fact, issues in these areas have unfortunately led to the demise of many corporations across the decades. Each company faces inherent risks through its operations. Through a legal consultation with Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, you can learn about specific risks that your company may face. A consultation is also an opportunity to explore the legal services available that you may not yet be taking full advantage of. The expertise of an employment law firm can provide peace of mind and may protect your company from devastating issues in the future.

As a respected lawyer in New York, many aspiring lawyers ask Jeremy Goldstein about the secrets to his success. He has extensive insight that has been helpful to many up-and-coming lawyers, and he has compiled his advice here for others to learn from.

A legal career in any niche can be challenging. In addition to refining knowledge of your niche, you must be comfortable working in a competitive work environment. What can you do to set yourself on a more successful path?

1. Identify an Experienced Mentor

Learning the ropes as you go can be unnecessarily stressful. While reading this advice is a great starting point, it is helpful to find an experienced mentor who can provide extensive guidance when needed. This may include everything from providing constructive criticism or feedback to answering questions about a career path and more. Generally, you may identify several people who are willing to be a mentor. Take time to learn about their experiences and to find a mentor who you have a good rapport with.

2. Connect with Your Professional Colleagues

While this field is very competitive, you do not want to create adversaries. Network professionally with your peers when possible. These relationships may be essential if you find yourself working on opposing sides of the same case, if you want access to new career opportunities or even later in your career if they become partners.

3. Keep Learning

Regardless of how knowledgeable you are about your niche, there is always more to learn. Changes in regulations and laws, new rulings and other factors make employment law an ever-changing field. Successful lawyers continuously seek new educational opportunities. As one of many steps that you can take to continue improving your knowledge base, get in the habit of reading professional books regularly.

4. Learn to Manage Your Funds

After living on a tight budget in law school, your first large paychecks can seem like a major windfall. Rather than elevating your lifestyle dramatically and splurging on luxuries, use the money more conservatively. For example, you can spend a short period of time living frugally now and paying off your student loans. Then, you can feel more comfortable indulging from time to time. However, you should save a substantial portion of your income. This money can be used to further your education, to step into a new career path or to purchase non-depreciating assets.

5. Keep Up with Modern Technology

Everything from financial management for your firm to securing records in the cloud and more are veritable necessities today. Technologies are constantly advancing, so you should always look for new opportunities to improve your business operations, to work more efficiently and to provide your clients with better overall services.

6. Create Time for Yourself

It is easy to overwork yourself in this field. You may have a strong internal drive and be motivated to take your career to the next level. However, your ability to have a long, successful career is directly linked to your emotional and physical health. Carve out time in your schedule to relax, to enjoy personal relationships and to exercise in a way that is enjoyable to you.

Jeremy Goldstein: A Biography

Jeremy Goldstein is a respected and successful lawyer who specializes in employment law. As a partner in Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, he actively provides legal advice, representation and services to the firm’s many clients. Specifically, he focuses on non-compete agreements, corporate governance, executive compensation and other related areas of employment law.

Mr. Goldstein holds undergraduate degrees from Cornell University and the University of Chicago. He graduated cum laude with distinction from Cornell. After earning these degrees, he obtained a law degree from the New York University School of Law. While attending NYU, Mr. Goldstein began working for a corporate law firm. In this position, he developed his passion for employment law and decided that this would be his career path.

After graduating from law school and getting licensed, Jeremy Goldstein founded Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates. He was been a partner in this firm throughout his career. Over the years, he and his legal team have worked on some of the most significant corporate cases and transactions in recent years. For example, he worked on IBM’s acquisition of Truven Health. He has also provided legal services to Bank of America Corporation, Duke Energy, Goodrich, Miller Brewing Company, AT&T, Cingular Wireless and many others.

As a conscientious legal professional and citizen, Jeremy Goldstein actively supports important law and charitable organizations. For example, he is a chairman for the American Bar Association Business Section’s Executive Compensation Committee, and he sits on the Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee. He also is a well-known speaker on the subject of corporate governance and other related issues. Jeremy Goldstein has been recognized by The Legal 500 and the Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business. Outside of the legal arena, Mr. Goldstein is active as a board member for Fountain House. Fountain House provides recovery services for adults suffering from mental illnesses.

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